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Introducing Pine & Gilmore

Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore founded Strategic Horizons LLP in 1996 as a thinking studio dedicated to helping companies conceive and design new ways of adding value to their economic offerings.

Pine & Gilmore act as provocateurs - planting the seeds of change, challenging traditional business assumptions, pointing out emerging market phenomena, and introducing new sets of questions and frameworks that drive companies to view themselves, and their role in today's competitive reality, from a fresh perspective.

Through a variety of Strategic Horizons offerings – including keynote speeches and workshops, multi-day Learning Excursions and Learning Encounters, the annual thinkAbout event, and public and private Experience Economy Expert Certification courses, Pine & Gilmore share models and tools to help clients explore ways to generate economic value.

Strategic Horizons clients appreciate not just what we know, but how we think. We bring rich professional and life experiences to our work, as well as specific expertise and unique points of view that can be directly applied to helping clients attain the future they desire. Ultimately, clients hire us because they think differently when they are with us - and continue to do so long afterward.