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Pine & Gilmore's 17th Annual


September 17 + 18, 2014

Cincinnati, Ohio


Registration is now officially open for this year's thinkAbout in Cincinnati, OH. being held on September 17 + 18.  We are thrilled to be your hosts for another deep dive into the Experience Economy, fueled by the energy and creativity of you and your fellow participants. 


Cincinnati gives us a wonderful backdrop for the work we will be exploring at this year's thinkAbout: the power of personas in doing experience design.
Pine & Gilmore will be sharing their view of personas -- what they are and how to create them -- before sending you off to various venues around Cincinnati to put your new knowledge to work.  Expect great content and a way to put it immediately to use: our Learning Excursion this year aims to drive actual designs of new-to-the-world experiences!
We're also uniting the whole group together once again in a flagship hotel -- the marvelous 21c Museum Hotel -- so you can reconnect with old friends and make new ones.    
Visit our registration site where you can learn more details about this year's event. 

To register, you'll need your personal Chit Number (just email us if you need it.)  Once again you have your chance to find a guest to join you -- entitling you to half off your registration fee.  And because it has been so popular, we'll be continuing our expanded incentive program this year -- find two new guests to join you, and we will waive your registration fees entirely!

We are looking forward to seeing you at thinkAbout in Cincinnati this September!


So what is thinkAbout?

It's not just another conference.  Since 1998, over 800 explorers, practitioners, and evangelists of the Experience Economy have gathered annually at thinkAbout, the flagship public offering of Strategic Horizons LLP.   Over the course of two whirlwind days, executives and managers from across the globe gather to explore, share, interact, and network with others leading the way in the Experience Economy.

Each year, Pine & Gilmore pick a different city which acts as a stage upon which they create a dynamic learning adventure, involving highly interactive technques, intense individual and group participation, and free-form exploration and discovery. 

For the first 13 years of the event, thinkAbout invitations were dispersed far and wide, an open invitation to all those seeking to explore the Experience Economy with other like-minded individuals.   The result?  thinkAbout has become for many their "must-attend" event of the year, an ever-changing intellectual adrenalin shot.

The thinkAbout Chit System

But beginning with the 2011 event, thinkAbout moved to an alumni-only model, with a twist: alumni are allowed to invite a single guest to accompany them to the event.   In order to register for thinkAbout, alumni use a pre-assigned chit number and can then share a "guest chit" number with a colleague.  Those guests become alumni in subsequent years, and the cycle continues!  Thus thinkAbout has now grown organically and socially, with a highly connected network of like-minded individuals. 

Never been to thinkAbout before and want to attend?  Send us an email to and we'll see if we can match you with an alumni who can share their Chit Number with you!  (And before you know it, you'll be an alumni too.)

The Strategic Horizons thinkAbout is a high-energy, high-impact experience. Pine & Gilmore personally design and direct each thinkAbout as a series of staged experiences that foster creativity, innovation, learning, and idea exchange. For a look at previous thinkAbouts, click the thumbnails below. In addition, see what Fast Company, Inc., and TIME have said about thinkAbout.


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